Professional teams

BKF’s branch and work groups

The Building Ceramics Association organizes its priorities through industry organizations and boards where our members participate. Through these professional groups we build competence, produce written reports, and arrange workshops with both internal and external contributors.

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Porfessional team for: works with:

Swimming pools

faggruppe svommebassenger

  • Descriptions and detailed solutions
  • Advising projects and material selections
  • Condition analysis
  • Prepare research articles

Wet rooms

faggruppe vatrom

  • Material solutions
  • Information about detail solutions
  • Repair techniques for wet rooms
  • Courses and training
  • Prepare research articles

Outdoor areas

faggruppe utearealer

  • Solid solutions for outdoor usage of tiles
  • Material selection
  • Membrane, drainage and voltage solutions
  • Condition analysis

Polystyrene plates / wet room boards

faggruppe polystyrenplater

  • Usage of XPS / EPS boards
  • Material documentation
  • Prepare research articles

Environmental documentation and sustainability

  • Environmental focus in research and development
  • Strategies for energy savings
  • Strategies for reuse and recycling
  • Transportation strategies
  • New, green buildings
  • Environmentally friendly training
  • Develop strategies for environmental care and sustainability in the industry
  • Material documentation
  • Regulations and requirements
  • Prepare research articles